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Sample Project Plan & estimate Pricing 


Please note that the estimated budget provided is subject to change based on the specific needs and requirements of each client.
We understand that each project is unique, and we will work with our clients to customize our services and pricing accordingly.
The prices listed are estimates and may vary based on the scope of the project andthe complexity of the tasks.

Research and Planning

  • Conduct market research to identify target audience and competitors

  • Organise a workshop day with client (you) to identify needs, brainstorm ideas, select channels, discuss branding and direction

  • Develop a brand strategy and social media marketing plan

  • Create a content strategy and content calendar

    Price: 7̶5̶0̶ € -> 650€ + IGIC


Content Creation -> Photoshoots/Video Content

  • Create (personal) branded content for social media platforms. Includes 1 photoshoot with video (e.g. graphics, videos, blog posts, etc.)

  • You will get content worth for 1 month

    Price:   250€ + IGIC


Content Creation

  • Write copy and captions that resonate with target audience

  • Ensure that all content adheres to the brand's style guide and is optimized for each platform

  • Schedule and post content across agreed social media platforms
    5 Feed/Carrousel Posts or Reels per week

  • Monitor and engage with followers and customers on social media

  • Analyze social media metrics and adjust content strategy as needed

    Price:  7̶5̶0̶ € -> 650€ + IGIC/month


Short Form Vertical Videos (Optional - Extra)

  • Complex Editing -> You will get extra Reels/TikTok Videos

  • Price:  Subject to Project/Client Needs


Advertising & Promotion (Optional - Extra)

  • Develop and execute social media ad campaigns

  • Manage influencer partnerships and collaborations

  • Plan and execute social media contests and promotions

  • Manage Online Review Platforms such as Google Maps Reviews, Tripadvisor, etc

    Price:  Subject to Project/Client Needs

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