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Case Study - Creative Content Design and Social Media Promotion for a Restaurant in Santa Cruz

Updated: Nov 3, 2023

Before/after and a fully booked restaurant for Mother's Day.



On April 1st, I took over the social media management for a restaurant in the center of Santa Cruz. The restaurant, with a beautiful terrace, was always busy, but the revenues were still not sufficient. The Instagram account was only half-heartedly managed and the photos were not really inviting. Since taking over, I have completed the following tasks:

  • Photoshoot for new visuals

  • Video shoots for Reels

  • After editing, I cleaned up the profile and started posting.

  • Engagement rate skyrocketed by +300%

  • Regular customers noticed the active social media presence, and I received many compliments for the "beautiful photos."

  • After two weeks, we collaborated on a new cocktail menu. I mixed the cocktails, took photos, shot Reels, even modeled in some cases, edited everything, and posted in Spanish, English, and German.

  • Now, every Friday, new guests come for the 2-for-1 cocktail happy hour instead of just having a cortado for €1.20.

  • For Mother's Day, we worked with the chef to design a special menu and cocktail, and started promoting the occasion. The goal was to secure as many reservations as possible.

  • On Mother's Day, the entire terrace was fully booked, and walk-in guests were accommodated indoors. The Mother's Day menu was sold out by around 3 p.m.

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