Content Design Portfolio

Little did I know, when designing and launching my first product that content design would become such a vital part of my business and work. What started as a love/hate relationship, has now turned into a passion for creating beautiful content for other lifestyle brands.  I have a developed a great eye for detail and aesthetic, learned how to produce high quality photo and video content and I can write captions in German, Spanish and English.


Family Modelling for Dahlert

Dahlert is a traditional German home appliances brand. Their products include slow juicers, air humidifiers and water filters


Food Styling - Cheese, Wine & Cocktails

Turning my passion for wine, cheese, cocktails and beautiful things into work. In cooperation with 123 TV, Araex Grands, Jacks Cheese, Teremana Tequila, Hamburger Käselager etc


Photoshoot Set Styling 

Set design requires a great eye for details and aesthetics


Beauty and Flatlays for Blogger Workshop x L'oréal

Blogger Workshop - Product and Content Workshop sponsored by L'orèal

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