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My Entrepreneurial Journey

After many years of traveling and living in cities such as Madrid, London and Frankfurt (just to name a few), working mainly in Project and Event Management at agencies, corporations and  as freelancer working for international brands, I decided to settle in Berlin.

My biggest dream was to have my own family and little did I know, that just after returning to my corporate marketing job from my first maternity leave in 2017, I would have THE IDEA for my own product and business.

Life as a working mom is very hectic and I soon realised that there was no time for long lunch breaks with my colleagues anymore.

I only had time for a quick desk lunch, so mealprepping was the only solution to keep up with my healthy lifestyle.

But something was missing!

I couldn't find a cute and elegant lunchbag to transport my lunchbox, snacks and co that would match my chic corporate style.

With a jute bag on a business trip? Not an Option!

Those cheap looking lunchbags from the big A*****? No, thank you!

As I couln't find what I was looking for, I decided to design it myself.


And that's how my BrunchBag journey started:

Bildschirmfoto 2021-09-30 um 11.24.32.png

Two years, another baby and the finally the perfect sample

While I had the idea for the BrunchBag in 2017, it wasn't until after my daughter Isabella was born in 2019, that I actively started to pursue this crazy idea.

It took me another two years to research materials, manufacturers, work on the final design, visiting potential manufacturers to producing countless failed samples until I finally found the perfect manufacturer that produced the first (nearly) perfect sample. 

The process

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